or MGUS-associated neuropathy.


PDN is a very rare peripheral neuropathy, usually late-onset in terms of the sufferer’s age. It is one of the chronic demyelinating polyneuropathy group, that are mixed motor-sensory nerve affected and symmetrical in the damage caused.

Paraproteinaemic Demyelinating Neuropathy may be known by a variety of other titles. Neurologists around the world usually mean the same thing in these titles: MGUS-associated neuropathy/ polyneuropathy. ; Paraprotein-associated demyelinating neuropathy. ; Paraprotein associated neuropathy/polyneuropathy. ; CIDP associated with a paraprotein. ; CIDP associated with MGUS. ; Paraprotein-related or associated demyelinating neuropathy. ; Demyelinating paraproteinaemic neuropathy ; MGUS polyneuropathy. ; Peripheral Neuropathy associated with benign monoclonal gammopathy. [A possible difficulty is that 20% to 25% of CIDP patients also have a paraprotein present in their serum although the meaning of the association is unclear. There are some marked differences that may distinguish PDN from CIDP –see later!]

Please note. These pages are based solely on my own experience and my layman's reading of medical text books and articles from professional journals, in addition to other professional summaries online, and not from any personal medical expertise.

From this reading I have attempted to provide a layperson's account, because the only information about "my" neuropathy on the WWW has been very academic, professional neurological material. So I hope that my work helps others, as various messages have already confirmed. Some professional neurological language cannot be avoided!

Brief information about GBS and CIDP and a special page about Peripheral Neuropathy, a general term for disorders of the peripheral nervous system are included.

I have included a page of other PDN/MGUS-associated neuropathy sufferers' stories of their experience of this neuropathy.
Any other offers of stories are requested please.

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